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What We Do?

Smile Telecom provide gateway solutions, anti-fraud tools and the best customer service to achieve maximum results by using our international gateway services.
The philosophy that Smile promotes is that cultural connections are key to establishing long-term company / customer relationships. Language, community understanding, and a personal touch all contribute to a first impression that is positive and familiar for potential customers.
We are present in over 59 countries with some of the world's largest carriers of international voice traffic.

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Why Choose Us ?

Twenty plus years of telecom industry experience and a passion to provide personalised, exclusive service, Smile Telecom is capable of managing all of your telecommunications challenges.

Depending on your requirements, we will determine the service parameters and finalize a plan to accomplish desired results on an ongoing basis.

Unlike working with third-parties with a sales team that is constantly re-assigned and terminated by the carrier, Smile Telecom is always available to help you get the necessary exclusive deals and support.

We are uniquely knowledgeable and versatile within our industry segments.

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  • Secure payments

    We gladly consider all business plans and payment facilities that can help you to increase your turnover.

  • Reliability over time

    We open new telecom solutions every month.

    We have been cooperating for 20 years with most world-wide carriers to ensure that all of our solutions will stay open on a long term basis.